loving each other…ALL RACES!

So as any 20 something year old who dreams of being a beauty queen I religiously watched the Miss America Pageant last night and was OVERCOME with joy at the amount of mixed races I saw. I was so happy for Miss America Nina Davuluri when she won! I remember thinking…”America has come a long way.”

and then i turned on the radio in my car and was once again reminded of the country i live in. a country that would rather bash an innocent girl who worked so hard her entire life to become Miss America. why? you may be asking yourself because she is of an Indian descent. and is BEAUTIFUL! I mean how many Caucasian women can pull of a YELLOW EVENING GOWN THE WAY SHE DID??!! 

I can only imagine how upset she must feel that the place where she was BORN AND RAISED can frown upon her success because of the color of her skin. it is truly OUTRAGEOUS! how have we not come far enough as a country to allow someone who has worked so hard for her title to enjoy it. Now she has to live in fear instead of in happiness. During a time when she should feel overcome with joy and love from HER COUNTRY! 

It really disgust me that she is being put down because of her skin color. and made fun of because she  missed her cue! You can only imagine the stress level of what those girls are going through. the whole country is tearing them apart like a pack of hungry wolves. Commenting on how fat they look or how they shouldn’t have skipped that last tanning session. Its disgusting how we tear them apart. THEY ARE WOMEN! and yes…they made the choice to pursue this career and yes they do get benefits but the way that we forget to love each other and support each other is heart breaking.

I support you Miss America 2013. I hope that you know that you deserve the crown that you are wearing and I hope that you know that somewhere a little Indian-American girl is filled with hope knowing that some day she too can be Miss America.

And as for you RACIST who are taking away from the happiest days of her life…i hope you find it in your heart to love and support all races. America is a melting pot now get to melting or get left behind.