government shutdown…bish please!

Let me start off by saying that this government shut down is a GIANT waste of time!! Stop acting like your 5 years old and Obama took your turn on the tire swing! you are CONGRESS MEN AND WOMEN! get your lives together please!


Great Article if you dont know whats going on:

The fact that you could potential cost this nation $55 billion!! NOTHING IS WORTH THAT KIND OF MONEY! Lower the security at airports during all this war stuff is the worst thing YOU COULD POSSIBLY DO! We are a target to other countries!! What happened to United we Stand, Divided we FALL! HELL-FUCKING-O!!


WE ARE DIVIDED WE WILL FALL!!! have you dumbasses forgotten that WHOLE little thing that we worked so hard to accomplished. It is SADDENING that you are the leaders of our country. You all make me sick! You were elected by the people! and as a person who votes I AM SO DISAPPOINTED in your actions.


I understand that it is hard for most of the upper class republicans to understand that there are measly peasants who need help from time to time and that a single mother who works two jobs and barely has time for her kids needs help with something as trivial as insurance so her kids can go to the doctor instead of letting them go to school and get your little princess sick (assuming you haven’t enrolled them in private christian schools),


Now at the same time I am not ignorant to the fact that people will abuse Obama-care. PEOPLE ABUSE EVERYTHING! Food Stamps have been abused for SOO many years. People find ways to work the system like no bodies business! It is your JOB the reason we pay you WAYYYYY more than your worth to look at those people abusing it and make laws and regulations so that IT IS AN UNBREAKABLE SYSTEM!

Stop with all this crap and DO YOUR JOB! If i told my boss that i didnt agree with her and that I was just gonna sit at my desk and do nothing guess what…I WOULDNT HAVE A JOB VERY FUCKING LONG!


Readers: Im not sorry if this offends you. I have never claimed to want to see both sides of it but the beauty of this being MY blog is that I can say whatever the fuck i want to say and if you dont like it you can comment on it and cuss me out but even then…i wont give a damn..not a single one. Ill read it and delete it because im like the Obama you have placed in your head…im a DICTATOR!